The primary purpose of RSA welfare support in Taupo is to provide welfare support to all indigent, aged, sick or infirm Returned Servicemen and Ex-Servicemen and their spouses, widows and dependants that live in Taupo and Associate Members of the Taupo Returned Services Association Inc.

Grants of welfare in Special Circumstances are considered. Once these special circumstances are considered, recommendations are made to the respective administrators of the welfare funds.

The welfare support can be either given in cash, physical assistance, the provision of aids or equipment etc.

The Taupo RSA Trust Inc provides welfare support, through its welfare funds and the Taupo Poppy Fund, and the Taupo RSA Inc, through its welfare funds.


All Taupo RSA welfare support, provided by the three funds, is managed by the Taupo RSA Joint Welfare Committee (JWC), who considers all applications and then makes a final determination.

The criteria used by the JWC are detailed in the respective Standing Operating Procedures for the Taupo RSA Inc and Taupo RSA Trust Inc.



The Taupo RSA Welfare Committee consists of:

  • Welfare Trustee, Taupo RSA Trust Inc (Convenor)
  • President, Taupo RSA Inc
  • Cemetery Manager, Taupo RSA Inc
  • Office Manager, Taupo RSA Inc
  • Member, appointed jointly by the Chairman, Taupo RSA Trust Inc & President, Taupo RSA Inc


The duties of the JWC are:

  1. Consider all requests for assistance and based on the criteria detailed in this SOP determine the type and level of assistance and which fund will meet the assistance.
  2. Consider proposals for the acquisition of mobility and rehabilitative aids and make recommendations, as appropriate, to the Taupo RSA Trust Inc and Taupo RSA Inc.
  3. Coordinate the provision of wider support services from outside agencies as they may impact on Returned and Services personnel.
  4. Manage, administer and coordinate the provision of RSA Cemetery services, through the Cemetery Manager.
  5. Manage, with the assistance of the Taupo RSA Office Manager, the mobility and rehabilitative aids belonging to the Taupo RSA.


Meetings of the JWC will be held when needed and may be called by either the Convenor or President of the Taupo RSA Inc.



All requests are considered.  An Application Form is required to be completed. The Application Form is strictly confidential and the information contained will not be released to anyone outside the Taupo RSA Welfare Committee.

When considering welfare assistance, consideration and decisions must be based on a ‘must have’, not a ‘should have’ or a ‘could have’ or minimum needs to achieve an outcome.  An example, for clarification; basic spectacles with the necessary prescription and simple frames is funded, bifocals, tinted lenses, frameless lenses are not to be funded.  A person wanting the latter is to be paid for the former and they then make up the difference.

All requests are to be contestable and a minimum of two quotes are required with the application form.

The Welfare Trustee has a standing delegation to approve emergency or essential immediate requests for the Trust’s primary beneficiaries up to a value of $500.00.



The decisions and recommendations of the JWC are to be determined by consensus and recorded on the Application form and by the Minutes of each meeting.  Decisions are final and can’t be overturned by either the Taupo RSA Trust Inc and Taupo RSA Inc.

CLICK HERE to gET the Application Form

Veterans Affairs

Click here to view the Veterans Affairs Website for full details on eligibility and the range of support that is available. If anyone is unsure of their eligibly or the details on a type of support; then you should ring Veterans Affairs (VA) on 0800 483 8372.

The delivery of services to eligible veterans by VA is delivered under the Veterans Independence Programme, which is focussed on assisting Veterans with accepted conditions to live independently in their own home.

Under the Veterans Independence Programme, VA will also be able to consider support to Veterans who:

  • Have qualifying routine or operational service, but
  • Do not have an accepted condition related to that service, and
  • Are living in their own home.

Examples of eligible veterans might be:

  • A Veteran seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident in NZ, who has run out of government – funded home help – and needs support to maintain independence in their home.
  • A Veteran with cancer – unrelated to operational service – and who needs home support during treatment where no one else can provide this.
  • An infirmed veteran who has a need for assistance to maintain independence in their home.

Examples of support may include:

  • Lawns and Gardens.
  • House cleaning.
  • Gutters, windows and house washing.
  • Home modifications, such as ramps.
  • Attendant care on a short-term basis.
  • Adaptive clothing and footwear.

Please note: there is a limit to how much additional assistance might be available so there are no guarantees, but VA will make every endeavour to ensure assistance is provided in a fair and consistent manner and in accordance with the greatest need.

Application: the process for applying for this support is as follows:

  • Contact any member of the Taupo RSA Welfare Committee or the Taupo RSA Inc Office Manager and complete the attached Short Assessment form.
  • The completed form will then be sent to: Support Services Manager, RNZRSA, PO Box 27 248, Wellington 6141; on your behalf.

You May be Entitled

War Disablement Pension

Many of you may be receiving a War Disablement Pension. It is important, however, to ensure you are actually receiving your full entitlements.

It is our aim to ensure that you do receive your full entitlement in all cases. So, what conditions might qualify? If you have had War or Emergency Service, there is a considerable list that may be accepted as attributable to or aggravated by that service.

Because conditions for acceptance can differ from applicant to applicant and theatre to theatre, it’s not possible to set out a comprehensive list here – it is too long and varied for that.

The good news is, however, that RSA Pensions and Welfare Advisors are well versed in the conditions that may be applied for and are very willing to advise you. It is important that you talk with them because some conditions are related to others and it would be fruitless to apply for every condition you may have when this situation occurs.  It’s also the case that applying for “everything” in the hope that “something” will stick can clog up the system.

This can cause delays both for you and for others, which is frustrating for everybody.  Once again your friendly RSA Pensions and Welfare Advisor can help you sort out the wood from the trees.  Surviving spouses of deceased veterans may be able to apply for a pension also.  Because evidence can be lost or misplaced as time goes by, however, sometimes this process can become quite complicated.  Here, too, you should seek advice from your RSA Pensions and Welfare Advisor.

Veterans’ Pension

This is often confused with the War Disablement Pension.  One way to think of it is as another form of NZ Superannuation – the pension is the same but with some advantages. These include a larger Funeral grant if you qualify.  Also an automatic Community Services card and, should you have to remain in Hospital for 13 weeks or more, the Veterans’ Pension is still paid at the full rate.

To qualify for a Veterans’ pension you need to be over 65 years of age and be on a War Disablement pension of 70% or more. Or you may qualify at less than 65 years of age if you have served in a recognised war or emergency and are unable to work for a substantial period due to either a physical or psychological disability, refer to Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand.

A Surviving Spouse pension may be payable to the Widow(er) or Partner of a Veteran who is on the Veterans’ Pension provided that certain conditions are met. Again seek the advice of your RSA Pensions and Welfare Advisor.


The Office Manager, Taupo RSA Inc

at the Taupo RSA, 67 Horomatangi Street Taupo, 07 3787476


Irene Wardlaw, (Pensions and Welfare Advisor)

Waikato/King Country/ Bay of Plenty District RNZRSA

Taupo RSA Cemetery

The Taupo RSA maintains the Taupo RSA Cemetery on behalf of the Department of Internal Affairs & the NZ Defence Force.  The RSA Cemetery is situated within the Taupo Cemetery.

The entitlement to be interned in the Taupo RSA Cemetery is detailed in the Burial and Cremation Act 1964, a summary from this Act is:

15             Burial of members of Her Majesty’s Forces, etc

1. Notwithstanding anything in this Act, a local authority may

(a) set aside permanently a part of any cemetery under its control and management to be used for the burial of the bodies of

(i) persons who have been on operational service in Her Majesty’s Forces; and

(ii) the husband, wife, civil union partner, or de facto partner of a person who has been on operational service in Her Majesty’s Forces:

(b) without fee,

(i) permit burials to take place in the part of the cemetery set aside under paragraph (a):

(ii) grant (whether in perpetuity or for a limited period) the exclusive right of burial in that part of the cemetery.

2. The Minister of Veterans’ Affairs may, after consultation with the Minister of Defence and the New Zealand Returned Services’ Association (Incorporated), by notice in the Gazette, specify a war, armed conflict, peacekeeping force, or other operation for the purposes of subsection (1).

3. In subsection (1), operational service means service in a war, armed conflict, peacekeeping force, or other operation specified under subsection (2).



The Office Manager, Taupo RSA Inc

at the Taupo RSA, 67 Horomatangi Street Taupo, 07 378-7476