September 2017 Newsletter

  • Published: 10 October 2017

Dear Members,

This month our focus has turned toward ideas to market the RSA. One idea was to invite Enterprise Great Lake Taupo to run its tape over our current plan and to recommend ideas on how to improve it, as we look to the future we were encouraged by the response: we are doing the right things!

Another idea has been to generate newsworthy articles. On 28 September, the Weekender published an article on the challenge confronting the RSA as we look ahead. Two more articles are to follow: on Thursday 5 October an article will introduce our new chef, Michael Nicholson; and the following week an article will appear about rebranding the RSA.

Michael will take over the challenge of building the restaurant trade, therefore, you can expect to see changes. He has the benefit of hindsight in that he was previously Head Chef at the Te Atatu RSA.

And, Jess Smith, has recently been appointed Bar Manager and brings to the role considerable experience in this line of hospitality. This decision came about as we rationalised functions and delegated authority and responsibilities. Our intention is to create better collaboration between bar and restaurant. Michael and Jess will have the authority to make this happen.

“Margins” is our next catchcry. With a new structure in place we are now better equipped to optimise the profit margins we need to achieve.

In marketing the RSA, we are mindful we must make it relevant to the community. Accordingly, our marketing effort will attempt to get community groups and industry sectors to employ the RSA to meet their social objectives.

All of the above is in keeping with the objectives of the current plan.

The Board of Management (BoM) is very aware of the burden our debt imposes on our creditors. Therefore, we took steps to put a face on the RSA and approached local creditors who are critical to our ability to trade. The response was humbling. Our creditors were appreciative and accommodating. This attitude is in stark contrast to that of some members who have expressed their dissatisfaction at the new raffle and jackpot rules, claiming them to be “unfair”, and that they are not coming back because it’s not worth it. The BoM suggests a much better example of unfair is a club that prefers to pamper selfish members at the expense of paying its creditors.

The Executive Committee and BoM have been drafting a complete rewrite of the Taupo RSA’s rules.  This rewrite incorporates changes that will occur with the new RNZRSA rules next year, changes in government legislative etc rules and modernising our local procedures.  The draft rules will be made available for all members to consider, by way of copies in the RSA, copies that will be made available at the office for members to take away and a digital copy that can be emailed to members upon request.  It is intended that an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting will be held in late November to consider the rewrite; more details will be made available shortly.

Before the rumours start, the BoM have received a request from a group of members, that the Taupo RSA withdraws its affiliation to the RNZRSA.  This request will be processed properly in accordance with the rules, at this stage it hasn’t yet been considered by the Executive Committee, which it will at its next meeting.  If the Executive Committee consider this request has any merit, then it can refer the matter to the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting in November.   We ask that people refrain from any action, particularly abusive comments or any action towards staff or BoM until the Executive Committee has properly considered the request.


Dick Cairns

Board of Management

Garry Lough

Board of Management