May 2017 Newsletter

  • Published: 31 May 2017

Dear Members,

It is four weeks since the AGM elected a new Executive Committe, and the Board of Management (BOM) presented its plan to set the Club on a path to recovery. It is timely, therefore, to briefly restate what the BOM is attempting to do. Our aim is to restore the solvency of the RSA. To achieve this we have set the following goals:

  • Mobilise the RSA membership to patronise the Club.
  • Grow the restaurant trade.
  • Develop a comprehenshive RSA activity programme.
  • Implement a new business management and information storage system
  • Review all trading operations.

Our plan is time bound. It expires on 31 December 2017. If we achieve the goals we have set then we expect to see the “worm turn” reflected by profitable progress in club trade. No one should be in any doubt: it is going to be a long road to recovery, however, a turn-around in trade will give all stakeholders confidence we are on the right path.

Progress so far:

  • The new Executive Committee has grasped the nettle of responsibility and is fitting in well as a critical partner with the BOM. The committee continues to exercise the traditional duties and responsibilities of an RSA committee e.g. welfare and entertainment.
  • A review of all trading operations has been completed. The changes are:
    • Sunday will become a full trading day in lieu of Monday when the club will be closed. This change will take effect 11 June 2017. This decision presents an important paradigm shift in the way the club will function. Two factors influenced this decision: firstly, member attitude remains largely entrenched in a complacent comfort zone of continuing to ignore the need for change, and secondly, notwithstanding Monday night is one of the club’s draw nights, attendance is not reflected in club trade. On balance, the BOM believes Sunday trading offers the club more profitable opportunities.
    • The opening hours of the restaurant have been modified as part of the effort to reduce non profitable operating costs.With the exception of group restaurant bookings, forthwith the restaurant operating hours will be:
      • Lunch: Tuesday – Sunday 12 noon – 1:30pm
      • Dinner: Tuesday – Sunday 5:30 – 7:30pm
    • Bar Prices. A review of bar prices has been completed with prices adjusted to better reflect margins, competitiveness, and provide members with affordable prices.
  • Work has commenced on installing cable to support the new point of sale hardware that together with up-dated software will deliver improved management efficiencies.
  • A contract has been let for a new website facility and the club has launched a new facebook page. To access the Facebook page, search: Taupo Returned Services Association.
  • The committee continues to develop a social activity programme. Your thoughts on a proposal to introduce a RSA Dining Club is sought on our Facebook page. Please visit it and make a comment.


It is probable some of these changes will erk some members. That is natural: people don’t like change. Nevertheless, progress is about change. Please remember this short-term plan relies on the membership of the club mobilising and actively supporting the club. We look forward to seeing groweth in member attendance.


Richard (Dick) Cairns

Board of Management