June 2017

June 2017 Newsletter

  • Published: 30 June 2017

Dear Members,

Please accept the Board of Management’s (BoM) apology for the late distribution of this newsletter.

Behind the scenes, it has been a busy month. The new point-of-sale cash registers and software have been installed and a new accounting software package has been introduced, and is currently being blended with MYOB and loaded with a backlog of invoices – a time consuming task. Both systems will greatly improve the Club’s business practice and free key staff to get on with more productive tasks. Concurrently, a new information filing and storage system is being developed that will improve the quick recovery of information. The system will comprise hard-copy and electronic files.

The task before us remains daunting; therefore, the BoM takes the smallest of positive indicators as a reason to celebrate. The introduction of Housie, and frozen take-home roast meals at $6.00 a meal, are two initiatives that are proving popular. Recently, we promulgated the idea of having a RSA Christmas Draw. The detail for this idea is posted on the Club notice board and we seek your response.

At a time when the mountain we are attempting to scale appears to be mission impossible, the feats of Team New Zealand lend inspiration to what we are attempting. A recent article in the NZ Herald, soon after the America’s Cup had been won, gave an insight into the mountainous difficulties that challenged Team New Zealand’s campaign. Two difficulties mirror what our RSA Club is confronted with: financial insolvency, and fractured team cohesion.

Like us, Grant Dalton often struggled to pay the bills. And again, like us, he had to grapple with the repair of a disunited group of people, quick to leak secrets, following the unsuccessful San Francisco challenge. History will show he succeeded, exemplified by his doggedness and the team’s ability to keep secrets: pedal power.

So, are there any lessons to be gleaned from Team New Zealand’s success for our Club? The BoM think so. The article included a psychologist’s statement that said sick organisations are rife with rumour, and leak information. Do we exhibit these symptoms? At the last AGM the BoM laid out its plan to head the Club back to financial solvency. The number one goal is to mobilise the membership. To date, there is little evidence to suggest we are achieving this goal. Instead, we seem to be perpetuating the fractious behaviour and apathy of the past, despite our efforts to generate a greater sense of belonging and purpose for which the Club exists. Our requests for ideas have largely been met with silence. And with a few exceptions, so too have our requests for comment on our initiatives for Club activities.

The BoM continues to be constrained by the need for frugal financial management, not helped by stagnant trade in two areas of our income streams: bar and restaurant. Consequently, we are taking a second look at areas where we can trim costs. Some areas where the cost verse benefit doesn’t appear to be financially prudent are: our subscription to the NZ Herald, and Sky TV. We have made the decision to cancel the NZ Herald subscription and our decision is pending regarding Sky TV. We are also renegotiating our licence to rebroadcast music and Sky transmissions.

Apathy (the lack of feeling, interest or concern), and complacency (a sense of security despite actual danger); are two conditions that cannot continue to reside in our Club. Therefore, heed our plea: help us to help you, otherwise our sickness will prove more than just debilitating.

By way of conclusion and in the words of Fareed Zakaria (a CNN host) that’s my take, now let’s get started!



Dick Cairns

Board of Management

Garry Lough

Board of Management