July – August 2017 Newsletter

  • Published: 31 July 2017

Dear Members,

Prudence, dilligence and care will remain the Board of Managements operating mantra for the foreseeable future. In our last news letter we mentioned the cross-over from MYOB accounting to Xero was underway. The task is now complete, however, there is a margin of error in the operating breakdown in the new Xero ledgers; however the bottom line is accurate. This shows that the Taupo RSA since June, is slowly improving its month-by-month NET position, with better trading and reduction in costs. However, we still have a long way to go in eradicating the huge level of debt the previous Executive Committee and Management left the RSA.

The other achievement in this reporting period has been the introduction of a Taupo RSA Health & Safety Policy, which incorporates the Hazard Management Plan for the Club.

For the observant members who have noticed the absence of a tardy neon sign advertising the RSA, we now have a blank canvass, which set in motion an examination of our Club’s brand as we look to the future. It is clear the Taupo RSA has an insignificant profile in our community, so the Board of Management has launched a Taupo community competition seeking a new name for the RSA as a start point to improving the RSA’s relevance and contribution to the Taupo community. Accordingly, we encourage you to consider what we are as a club, how we should present the club to our community, what our image should be, and the extent of our presence in the community. We are hopeful our new website www.tauporsa.co.nz will be launched on 8 September and it will detail the “Taupo RSA Needs a Name” competition. Be in to win a $200 restaurant voucher.

We continue to brain-storm ideas for club activities. One idea is to arrange one entertainment performance each month. For September we have organised a lunch to be followed by an afternoon of musical entertainment by the performer, David Four. We have agreed a very reasonable price so please check the Club’s notice board and make your bookings.

New “Club Rules” have been drafted and are being examined by the Executive Committee.

Our final word goes to Marianne Korent-Williams. Marianne has decided that after nearly 11 years service to the RSA, it is time to move on. On behalf of the RSA, we wish her every success in her new endeavours.


Dick Cairns

Board of Management

Garry Lough

Board of Management