January 2019 Newsletter

January 9, 2019

Dear Members,

The decision to close the trading operation of the RSA has been widely interpreted to mean the Taupo RSA is closed. The fact is, the RSA continues to operate. It has financial members, maintains an office, provides welfare support; and the Board of Management (BoM) continues to harbour the vision of restoring the Taupo RSA as a social entity within the Taupo community. Pursuit of this vision, however, will require active member support.


At the December meeting of the Taupo RSA Trust there was discussion about the merits to persevere with the Taupo RSA Inc, or to wind it up. The conclusion from that discussion was: there are members who want to belong to an RSA. Accordingly, the decision was made to canvass the extent to which members wish to belong to the RSA. The result from this survey, together with membership renewal will determine whether the BoM will continue to pursue its vision to fully resurrect the Taupo RSA Inc with a trading facility.

So, the first step is for members who wish to belong to an RSA is to renew membership by 31 January 2019. Given the current circumstances of the Taupo RSA, we have set the 2019 membership fee at $20.00.

From the President (Barry Calder)

I am hoping that 2019 will be the year that we get back into the Trading side of the RSA. Everyone is working hard to find a location and to produce a schedule of events for all the members.

I have co-opted three members onto the committee to assist with finding ideas to help support the RSA. Initially we have come up with holding “Housie” twice a month when we find a venue. This will help hire a venue and support for the monthly gatherings.

Your support is required to help resurrect the RSA.

RSA Office

The RSA Office is still located at 67 Horomatangi Street and is open between 9am and 4.30pm.

If you wish to contact the RSA, please ring first as Tristan is quite often out of the office doing Welfare work. The RSA phone transfers to her mobile when she is out of the office.

Social Functions

With a view to the future we are looking at a phased approach to restoring the social functions of the RSA. In the first instance we are seeking a venue for periodic social gatherings of RSA members, guests, and members of the Taupo community who support and wish to be associated with the RSA. The Suncourt Hotel is a possible venue.

Meanwhile, the BoM continues to investigate the potential for establishing a club hub where a collective of clubs operate from a shared facility. A prerequisite for a club hub will be the location. It must be conducive to building a sustainable commercial hospitality entity.

Membership Rewards

Tristan Payne continues as the Manager of the Taupo RSA and is now actively seeking the support of Taupo’s retail, hospitality, tourism and commercial sectors, to provide RSA Membership Rewards for those who produce their RSA Card. More details of this scheme will be given once a response from the business community is received.

Welfare Support

The Joint Welfare Committee continues to consider applications for welfare support and make grants to those that qualify. The mobility scooter ‘fleet’ is being maintained.

Tristan is the first point of contact and is responsible for coordination, between members / Trust beneficiaries and the Joint Welfare Committee.

The RSA Cemetery is now being maintained by a group of volunteers; their efforts are truly appreciated and our Cemetery is looking really good.

RSA Womens Section (from the President, Diane Wilson)

Our Womens Section is still going strong and is having its monthly meeting on the 1st Wednesday of the month in the small chapel at the Taupo Funeral Home, at 2pm. Next month is our AGM meeting all welcome. Poppy Day this year with be on the 12th April and Ngaire McIntosh will be collecting names of people willing to sit for us at our March and April meeting. We have about 60+ lady members and are always open to new members. I hope this newsletter finds you all refreshed after the Xmas break and ready for a wonderful 2019.